— Anonymous: Hello! To answer, I think two anonymous ago, the question about Mia and Darren living together, it's not true. In a resent starkid live scream Joey Richter said he and Darren are still living together

Oh okay! There you go anon, here’s your answer uwu

— Anonymous: Mia posted a new photo on her fb and she looks adorable :)

I knooow, she’s so cute! I’m gonna wait a while before I reblog it though, in case she takes it down. :)


Love my @madmoonriot EP & Polaroid. Many thanks Matt, Ru, Pou & @MiaVonGlitz Glad to be a part of the campaign #MadMoonRiot

you got your legs up in the sky // with the devil in your eyes // let me hear you say y o u  w a n t  i t  a l l // say it now // say it now x

MiaVonGlitz: When your best friend gets married, you get to feel up the bride ;)




— Anonymous: Fuck you

Just a tip: go write something nice to someone you like instead of spreading meaningless hate to people you don’t even know. 

— Anonymous: Just to follow up your last anon - Darren himself has said that he and Mia have been together since before Glee so even if there were any break-ups in that time, they obviously weren't substantial enough for them to think of them as 'counting' if that makes sense!?!

Yeah I mean it doesn’t really matter whether they’ve broken up or not, we know they’re dating know and they seem very happy together, and that’s the only thing that matters. uwu

— Anonymous: Hi, sorry to bother you, I have a question and since you're Mia blog you may know a thing or two about her :) We are having a debate over Darren's latest interview and long story short, my friend claims Mia said herself that in the past five years Darren and her have been broken up several times and that this fact is well known. I have NEVER, EVER heard of this story. Ever. Do you have any info about this? About the "several break ups?" Cause this is first time I hear about it.

I’ve seen rumours about that too but she’s never (as far as I know) said anything about it on social media or in an interview, so either she told a fan or a friend at some point and it somehow got out, or it’s just another rumour. I wouldn’t trust it too much though since we don’t know if/when/to who she actually said it. :)